As much as you love your family pet, at some point, you may need to find someplace for him or her to stay when you will be away. It can be difficult to place your pet in the hands of someone else—and you probably have many questions. That’s good, because we’re here with the answers!

At St. Matthews Animal Clinic, our Patient Care Team handles the needs of all animals that are boarding. We are open for boarding drop-offs and pick-ups 7 days a week. There are many reasons for boarding a pet. It could be simply that you need to be out of town or it might be a medical need, such as following veterinary surgery. Some owners periodically board pets that are older and require a schedule of medication. In this case, they will be in a medically supervised area. Of course, our boarding facilities are available for more routine needs as well. All pets are closely supervised and can be seen by our veterinary staff should the need for medical intervention arise. We also offer play time for pets if you want your pet to get extra exercise while he or she are boarding, and our guests are fed the highest quality food and medication is administered as required.

Our practice requires that your pet be current on their vaccinations and intestinal parasite analysis for the their own protection as well as that of our other boarding pets. Our canine boarders must be current on their Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella vaccinations. The Bordetella vaccination must be current within 6 months. Our feline boarders must be current on their Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations. We require that all boarders be current on their intestinal parasite analysis within 6 months to prevent transmission of intestinal parasites within our boarding facility and hospital. It is our pleasure to have one of our veterinarians provide any vaccinations or treatments your pet may require during their stay with us.

We take the trust you have placed in us very seriously when you leave your pet at St. Matthews Animal Clinic. We know we can’t match the comforts of home, but we always strive to provide an environment that is orderly, non-threatening, and safe. You should feel confident that at St. Matthews, our boarding facilities, personnel, and processes are of the highest caliber and your pet will receive the very best care.