Today we want to talk about an honoree & Corporate Chair holder Dr. Schardein! Here’s what he has to stay regarding pet arthritis.

“Arthritis is a problem for people and pets,” says Dr. Schardein. “Bringing awareness is the first step. People, even children, are suffering. Pets are suffering and many owners don’t know. We want to spread the word.”
Dr. Schardein says that early detection is key in successfully treating arthritis to ensure that patients can be properly treated so we can keep patients feeling good longer. He and the dedicated staff at his animal hospitals treat their arthritic patients in a number of ways, including physical therapy, exercise, medication, supplements, therapeutic laser, stem cell therapy, and acupuncture.
As this year’s Corporate Chair, Dr. Schardein hopes to help spread the word about the impacts of arthritis on everyone affected. “Arthritis can be debilitating,” says Schardein. “I hope we can educate more people, and it helps them or a family member – the two or four legged kind. Raising money to support the Arthritis Foundation will increase funding for research, which benefits every living thing impacted by this disease….And we hope to get people to take their pets to the vet to be checked out.”
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