So what does the Arthritis Foundation do?

People with arthritis face unique barriers to care: high costs of treatment, difficulty accessing medications, scarcity of specialists and more. It’s hard for any individual to fight the battle alone. But through their effective and committed advocacy network, the Arthritis Foundation is working to address key issues on both the state and federal levels with lawmakers, insurers and regulators, helping ease people’s burdens so they can reach their goals.

If you yourself or someone you know are suffering from arthritis, check out their website for tons of information on fighting the battle. They have information on treatments, proper diet, exercise, pain management etc.

Your Donations at Work

52Millionpeople impacted by 100 state legislative wins since 2014

26 major research projects worth >$30 MILLION to pursue a cure

>1,800 campers at 42 camps around the country

137 local programs offering personalized help & support across 45 states



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