Dog Arthritis Symptoms

  • Limping
    • A common sign of arthritis, but could also indicate other joint issues
  • Difficulty moving
    • Hesitates to go up and down stairs
  • Stiffness
    • Especially noticeable after resting
  • Irritability
    • Whimpers, growls or snaps when touched in the affected area
  • Muscle atrophy
    • Legs start thinning as the muscles starts atrophying
  • Licking and chewing
    • A common way that dogs indicate that they are in pain
  • Spinal issues
    • Most people associate arthritis with a dog’s legs, but it can also affect a dog’s back


Arthritis is all around us and here at St. Matthews Animal Clinic, we are joining the fight! We invite you to join our team and run or walk with us or simply donate to help us change lives.