At Home Remedies for Pet Arthritis

If your pet is in early stages of arthritis or you’re just not ready for the medicinal way to go, here are some thing you can do at home to help keep your arthritic pet comfortable.

  • Go for daily walks: after laying down for a while, your pet may get stiff and achy, taking them on a short walk each day will help keep those joints warmed up and not so stiff. It will also help keep those extra pounds off, which is a huge cause of arthritic progression.
  • Healthy diet: Don’t overfeed! This also plays into your pet being overweight & having too much pressure on those joints.
  • Incorporating omegas in your pets food may help reduce inflammation and results in some joint pain relief.
  • Swim! This is a great way to keep the pressure off their joints, but also allowing them to move & get some exercise.
  • Massage: See Day 9 for more information!
  • Raising water and food bowls can reduce strain in the neck or back of an arthritic dog; some arthritic dogs may not eat or drink as much as they should without this sort of accommodation.
  • Put carpet runners on hardwood floors. Try to prevent your dog from slipping, as this creates unwanted stress on the entire body.
  • Provide a soft, supportive bed.
  • Keep nails trimmed. If nails are too long they can change the gait on the dog, causing skeletal changes and arthritis in the foot/toes.
  • Use a ramp where needed (for helping your dog get in and out of the car, on to your bed or sofa, etc.). This will reduce strain on his knees and hips.
  • If your dog is having trouble getting up or walking on his own, check out slings, rear-end harnesses, wheelchairs, or carts to help keep him moving.


Arthritis is all around us and here at St. Matthews Animal Clinic, we are joining the fight! We invite you to join our team and run or walk with us or simply donate to help us change lives.