We have gone over what you can do for your pet’s arthritis, but there are also things you shouldn’t do. These could make the discomfort worse, or harm your pet internally.


  • Self-diagnose your dog with arthritis.
  • Force an exercise regimen that your dog is not comfortable with.
  • Try any stretching of limbs without being properly trained.
  • Discontinue exercise. A certain amount of exercise remains important for your arthritic dog; it is necessary to help maintain muscle strength and mobility.
  • Ignore your dog’s extra weight. Your dog will feel so much better after taking that extra weight off sore joints.
  • Ignore sliding or falling. Don’t underestimate how damaging continual sliding and falling can be on the arthritic dog’s body.
  • Give any medication without veterinary approval.
  • Decline annual blood work if your pet is on NSAID’s longterm. In some pets, NSAID’s may affect their liver or kidney function, but we can’t keep track of that if we don’t do blood work at least on an annual basis.

Arthritis is all around us and here at St. Matthews Animal Clinic, we are joining the fight! We invite you to join our team and run or walk with us or simply donate to help us change lives.