Kittens are lively and cute, but they also have very specific medical care needs. Kitten owners need to be aware of these requirements so they can keep their kittens healthy and help them grow into happy, thriving adult cats. Whether its your first pet or your fifth we want you to be fully informed about having a new furry member of the family.

What to Expect at Your Kitten’s Vet Visits:

Visit 1 (6 weeks)

  • Physical exam
  • First FVRCP combo vaccine
  • Feline immunodeficiency virus and leukemia test
  • Intestinal parasite analysis

  • Visit 2 (9 weeks)
  • Physical exam (no charge)
  • Second FVRCP combo vaccine
  • First feline leukemia vaccine
  • Intestinal parasite analysis
  • Start parasite prevention

  • Visit 3 (12 weeks)
  • Physical Exam (no charge)
  • Third FVRCP combo vaccine
  • Second feline leukemia vaccine
  • Second dose of parasite prevention

  • Visit 4 (16 weeks)
  • Physical Exam (no charge)
  • Fourth FVRCP combo vaccine
  • Rabies vaccine
  • Third dose of parasite prevention
  • Discuss county license