Management Team

Tamara, Practice Manager

Tamara is our Practice Manager. She has been with us since 2002. She studied business management at the University of Louisville. Tamara started working when she was 13 for a grooming and boarding facility. She has over 15 years of experience working with pets. Her mom raised Akitas & Norfolk terriers as she was growing up. Tamara believes that being there for people and pets when they need you the most is priceless. The large amount of multi-tasking and management of staff has definitely helped her with the daily routine of raising her children. She has three kids- Gavin, Ethan, and Gracie. They share their home with a Pug/Boston Terrier mix named Chance and a French Bulldog named Maude. They are high energy pups but make great snugglers! On a daily basis Tamara feels as though she actually has 5 kids, but she wouldn’t want it any other way.

Sarah, Office Manager

Sarah is our Office/Inventory Manager. She has been with our practice since 2013. She is a graduate of U of L and brings with her prior Veterinary experience. She grew up in Indiana and still lives there with her husband, who works as a K-9 Police Officer, her daughter Kenley, and her English Bulldog Nyela.

Jade, RVT, Social Media Manager

Jade has been with SMAC since June 2015. She graduated from the Vet Tech Institute of Indianapolis in 2013 with an Associates in Applied Science of Veterinary Technology. She has always had a love for animals and decided to pursue a career in the industry after her dog Tubbs had a spinal injury and was able to rehabilitate him to walking again. She now has a special interest in animal rehabilitation. She is originally from Kentucky and lives in Shelbyville with her husband, her son Jaxon, and two dogs, pug/lab mix Tubbs and German Shepherd Sig. She has a new found love of the digital aspect of the clinic, and manages the social media and website.

Kristy Taylor-Rankin Client Care Team & Grooming Manager
Many of you all know Kristy as one of our groomers for the past 5 years, she is now our Client Care Team Manager. She has 2 beautiful children with her husband and shares her home with 1 dog, Sophie (Old English Sheepdog), and 2 cats: Cleo & Stitch. An interesting fact about Kristy is that she loves watching the University of Kentucky Women’s and Men’s Basketball.

Bryan, Patient Care Team Manager

Bryan joined our team in November of 2016 and has recently taken on the role of our Patient Care Team Manager. He is originally from Versailles, KY, and moved to Louisville in 2016. He has been working in the animal care field for over 8 years and loves being able to see the animal’s reactions as they see him! He has an Associate’s degree in Marketing and Sales Management and his favorite color is purple. He shares his home with 3 cats: Emma, Sage, and Pru; he also has over 70 plants in his apartment and enjoys watching his favorite Youtubers, catching up on the newest Netflix shows, and spending his free time with his friends.

Bethany, RVT, IT Department Manager

Bethany joined our team in August of 2018. She is from Hopkinsville, KY., but moved here to Louisville in 2017. Bethany graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture; she loves being able to connect with our clients over the needs of their pets. Bethany enjoys crafting, playing video games, finding new places to eat here in Louisville, but most of all loves sharing her home with her bearded dragon named, Daenerys (Dany for short) and her 2 cats named Aeman and Rhae. A few interesting facts about Bethany is that she really loves cats, her favorite food is tacos, loves trying out new things and her favorite color is purple.

Client Care Team


Jessica has been with us since July of 2014. She attended the University of Louisville where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychological Brain Sciences with a concentration in social science, with minors in communications and criminal justice administration. She graduated Art Instruction School of Minneapolis with an Associate’s of Art degree. Jessica’s spare time goes to artwork and spending time with family and her pets; she has 3 cats, Bella, Snickers and Arya, and 2 birds- a Congo African Grey Parrot named Gandalf the Grey and a Black Capped Conure named Zelda. Fun fact, throughout her budding art career she has gotten to meet many cool people including some comic book artists, cast members from popular shows and movies, musicians and more, but most importantly her art hero and inspiration, Stan Lee, creator of Marvel comics and creator of her favorite comic character of all time, Spiderman; she was also one of the winners of the Star Wars Last Jedi Art Contest. She proudly embraces her inner nerd, blue and pink are her favorite colors, she loves to read and most of all enjoys seeing all of the animals and clients that she has grown close to over the years. 


Courtney joined our team May of 2019 and was born and raised here in Louisville, KY. Courtney recently got married and she has an Associate’s Degree in Psychology was going to IUS for Elementary Education. She has 4 dogs, Izzy (Huskador), Arya (Labrador mix), Remy (Rottweiler) and Lia (Rottweiler mix). A few interesting facts about Courtney is that she got 3 different scholarships to play volleyball out of town, but then a family member passed-so she ended up staying in town to help out family and ended up going to Spalding. She loves being able to help out clients who are frantic about their pets in order to help their pets feel better or get an appointment ASAP, also loves being around her co-workers as everyone is friendly and helpful, but most of all she loves being around all of the fur-babies that come in! Courtney and her husband have the same birthdays exactly 1 year and 1 week apart of one another; she enjoys playing volleyball, reading true crime and her favorite colors are teal, purple and pink.


Devereaux (Dev) joined our team in October of 2019 and is from Bardstown but has lived in Louisville since 2017. She graduated High School in 2017 and loves being able to bridge the gap for the relationships between patients/clients and doctors/techs. She shares her home with 2 cats named Gilbert and Audrey. She enjoys camping, beekeeping, travelling: as her significant other is a musician, taxidermy and her favorite colors are purple and green. Some interesting facts about Dev is that she has her International Wildlife Rehab Council License for Mammalian Animals, she volunteers at Second Chances Animal Clinic where they take care of foxes, opossums, skunks, beavers, raccoons, etc. and Opossums are her favorite animal!


Sylvia joined our team as a Vet Tech Assistant in August of 2019, but ended up with our Client Care Team. She was born and raised here in Louisville, KY. She is currently attending Bellarmine University and pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with double minors in Biochemistry and Photography. She plans on attending Veterinary School once she completes her degree at Bellarmine. She is a certified equine massage therapist practicing multiple modalities. She is a momma to her two horses, Hudson and Lily, two dogs, Hazel Nutt and Luna Sol, and her two barn cats, Brady and Butchers. Sylvia enjoys being able to help pets in need and making their visit fun and rewarding as it can be scary going to the vet. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking and spending time with her loved ones. A few interesting facts about Sylvia is that she doesn’t like Mac & Cheese, owns her own small business and her favorite color is blue.


Rachel joined our team in 2020, she is on our Client Care Team. She was born and raised here in Louisville, KY and loves working with animals and building relationships with clients. She went to nursing school for 2 years and plans on going back with a major change, she enjoys all of the animals and all kinds of music. Rachel shares her home with her Beagle mix name Charlie; a few interesting facts about Rachel is that she hopes to become a Vet Tech one day and her favorite colors are black and pastels.


Alex joined our Client Care Team in August of 2020. She is from Oldham County and graduated from Louisville School of Massage in 2006. She loves being able to comfort owners who are stressed out about their pets and loves being able to cuddle the animals that come in. She shares her home with a Havanese named Newt and enjoys reading, watching TV, doing things outside with friends and anything that involves being on or near the water. A few interesting facts about Alex is that she names all of her pets after characters from Lonesome Dove (she had a dog named Gus and Deets), loves being barefooted unless she absolutely has to wear shoes and her favorite color is Seafoam Green.



Lawrence is our seasoned groomer. He has worked here longer than anyone else currently on our staff! He has been with the clinic for over 33 years – he has been here since April of 1987 and has quite the loyal grooming client base. Lawrence is dedicated to protecting the environment and volunteers often to help the less fortunate. He loves the outdoors and doing things like fishing, camping, and hiking. Lawrence is an avid sports’ fan and can be found around town at many concerts.


Marissa joined our team in October of 2019 as one of our Dog Groomers. She is from J-town and loves making the animal’s look and feel their best! Marissa is a graduate from Nash Academy for Grooming and is currently attending Jefferson Community & Technical College. She shares her home with 1 dog named Ellie and 1 cat named Aria; she loves painting, scrapbooking and camping and her favorite color is purple. A few interesting facts about Marissa is that she is getting married in October 2020, was raised by her grandparents and was in JROTC in High School.

Medical Care Team

Amanda, RVT

Amanda is a Registered Veterinary Technician and has been with us since 2011. Amanda earned a bachelor’s degree from Murray State University in Animal Health and Technology. She has over 8 years of experience in emergency medicine. Amanda is married, has two girls named Logan and Avery and shares her home with a dog named Veli, cats, chickens, and goats. She now spends some of her free time working on her new homesteading life style since buying some land in 2016.

Rebekah, RVT

Rebekah has been with us since June of 2015. She was born in Bitburg, Germany, but moved to Southern Illinois when she was two and raised there and then moved here to Louisville in 2015. She attended Murray State University for the Animal Health Technology program and graduated in 2013 with her Bachelors of Agriculture in Science; she also became a Registered Veterinary Technologist after graduating college. She is passionate about being able to help out patients with the new medical advances. She enjoys everything Louisville has to offer since moving to the area; in her free time she enjoys checking out the local music scene, trying new dive restaurants, camping, hiking, and pretty much anything the outdoors has to offer and her favorite color is purple.


Raynell is apart of our Medical Care team, came from New Orleans, Louisiana where she has gathered 10 yrs of experience with General practice, emergency critical care, and internal medicine veterinary services. As a hurricane Katrina survivor, she developed a want to help all animals and further her Medical knowledge as a Veterinary Technician. As a mom, a wife, and a dedicated hard worker. She arrived in KY July 2016 to marry her childhood love. They have 3 kids, enjoy playing Billiards and cooking/eating her fine New Orleans cuisine!


Madison has been with us since May of 2017. She is from Dayton, Ohio and moved to Louisville in 2017 after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Zoology from Miami University. During her time at Miami she enjoyed competing on the equestrian team and fostering service dogs for 4 Paws for Ability. She is currently pursuing admission to vet school to further her education. Madison brought with her to Louisville her cat Alice and horse Irish.


Kaitlin grew up on a cattle farm in Bardstown, Kentucky. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree from Murray State University’s Veterinary Technology Program in 2018. She has four dogs; Quinn, Mack, Pappy, and Cooper, and one cat, George. She enjoys spending her free time on her family farm, or reading a good book.


Shelby joined our team in September of 2019, she is on our Medical Care Team. She was born and raised here in Louisville and really enjoys getting to work with the animals every day, the opportunity to move up into a career as she has started to cross train in our Medical Care Team and was previously a Pre-vet major at Morehead State University, and she also loves seeing all of the puppies and English Bulldogs that come into our clinic. She also enjoys spending time with her lovely dog who is a Shepherd-mix named Rey; she also likes to study anything vet related in her free time, watch movies, cooking and baking and most of all shopping. A few interesting facts about Shelby is that she really loves animals and hopes to one day to become a doctor, also hopes to one day become a foster mom for any rescued dogs and cats, loves to drink coffee and her favorite colors are pink and tie-dye.


Kristin joined our team in July of 2020, she is on our Medical Care Team as a Vet Tech Assistant. She is from Fairdale, KY and the most rewarding aspect of her job is meeting all of the different animals and clients on a day to day basis. She has an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting, shares her home with Lincoln (a Pitbull) and Molly “Hot Tamale” (a Feral Cat). A few interesting facts about Kristin is that she loves doing anything related to Halloween, mainly because her birthday is on Halloween, she also has over 50 tattoos, and her favorite colors are black and orange.


Seana joined our Medical Care Team in 2020. She was born in Jefferson Twp. New Jersey and moved to Louisville, KY in June of 2020. Seana has her Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Emergency Medical Technician and has over 10 years of Vet experience. She shares her home with 3 dogs, 5 cats, has some chickens, horses, goats, rabbits and pigs; she also loves being able to educate owners about the best care they can give to their animals. A few interesting facts about Seana is that she loves gardening, baking, farming, volunteering at a local shelter, runs a non-profit rescue, will eat anything that is pickled, loves the fall and all of the pumpkins and colors that come with it.

Patient Care Team


Crystal has been with us since January of 2004. She was born and raised in Louisville, KY and really enjoys grooming our clients’ pets! She has over 15 years of experience in the veterinary field and is known here as our resident dog and cat whisperer. Crystal has always had pets- from dogs and cats to rabbits and guinea pigs. Crystal comes from a big family with 10 siblings and has two beautiful young daughters and they share their home with 4 cats, Tiger, Riley, Linus and Mya. Crystal loves taking care of all of the animals and making sure that they fall in love with her as she really makes sure that the animals here have the time of their life! She enjoys going to yard sales, flea markets and doing puzzles, her favorite color is green. 


Megan has been with us since April of 2011. She is originally from Elizabethtown, KY and moved to Louisville in 2011. Megan has an Associate’s in Applied Science for Medical Information Technology and an Associate’s in Arts that she obtained from Elizabethtown Community and Technical College. She loves being able to get to know all the animals that come in and discovering all of the different types of dog breeds. She is very passionate about music, travelling, photography, fashion, movies; she also loves Halloween and her favorite colors are blue, purple and black. Megan shares her home with a goofy Afghan hound named Zen Zander Zinfandel. A few interesting facts about Megan is that she loves to sing and act, she grew up on a farm and her family name is historic in the city of Elizabethtown.


Kirsten joined our team July of 2019. She is from Owensboro, KY and moved to Louisville in 2017.  She graduated Western Kentucky University in 2015 with a BFA Degree in Graphic Design; she also has her Associates of Art degree from Owensboro Community & Technical College. Within the time of living in Louisville, she and her husband have added two animals to their family from the Kentucky Humane Society: Meeko Nose (Beagle) who was rescued in 2017, and Gracie Lou (calico-tabby) who was rescued in 2018. Kirsten loves getting to see all of the different breeds that come into the clinic and enjoys helping out with the animals in Medical Care. A few interesting facts about Kirsten is that before she changed her major to Graphic Design she was actually majoring in Veterinarian Science, she was with her husband for over 8 ½ years before they got married; her favorite colors are blue and yellow and she is also passionate about graphic design, art, going on adventures, walking, fishing and working with animals!

Cassandra (Cass)

Cass joined our team in February of 2020, she is on our Patient Care Team. She is from Alexandra, KY and moved here to Louisville in 2017 and enjoys being able to spend her days taking care of dogs and helping them out, and spending time with her dog, Koda, who is an Australian Shepherd. She is currently studying at Bellarmine University pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Biology. A few interesting facts about Cass is that she loves cooking, going to concerts, crafting; she also loves Thai food, has an older sister and younger brother and her favorite colors are pink  and purple.

Ellie joined our team in July of 2020, she is on our Patient Care Team. She was born and raised here in Louisville, KY and loves getting to provide love and support to the animals who can’t be around their own families while they are here boarding or for exams. She graduated Northern Kentucky University in May 2017 obtaining her Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Musical Theatre and has a Spanish Minor. Ellie loves travelling, reading – historical fictions are her favorites and painting by the numbers. Some interesting facts about Ellie is that before Covidhappened she was performing for the Norwegian Cruise Lines, she is a singer/dancer in their production shows and has been with them since 2017; she always said that if she wasn’t a performer she would want to be a vet, she is so thankful to get to work here at SMAC while the entertainment industry is on hold. Her favorite colors are yellow and pink and is a proud dog aunt to Penelope Jane the Doodle.


McKenzie joined our Patient Care Team in September of 2020. She was born in Somerset, KY and moved to Louisville in 2016. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and hopes to one day attend Vet School. She shares her home with 2 animals named Buffy Jo and Max; she also enjoys spending time with the animals and being able to provide them with comfort during a possibly stressful experience here at the clinic. A few interesting facts about McKenzie is that she loves playing Animal Crossing, watching reality TV, cooking, spending time with friends and family, favorite movie is Nightmare Before Christmas, dream vacation is to be able to spend time traveling through Japan, also was obsessed with Scooby Doo as a child and is a huge concert person and her best experience was when she went to a Rihanna concert during the Anti-World Tour and her favorite colors are black and blue.