As much as you love your family pet, at some point, you may need to find someplace for him or her to stay when you will be away. It can be difficult to place your pet in the hands of someone else—and you probably have many questions. That’s good because we’re here with the answers!

At St. Matthews Animal Clinic, our Patient Care Team handles the needs of all animals that are boarding. We are open for boarding drop-offs and pick-ups 7 days a week. All pets are closely supervised by our patient care team and if a medical issue is to arise, we will give you a call to make you aware of it and if you would like an exam performed by one of our veterinarians. We offer play times for pets if you want your pet to get extra exercise while he or she are boarding, and we also offer a pet-friendly ice cream treat or peanut butter kong.

We take the trust you have placed in us very seriously when you leave your pet at St. Matthews Animal Clinic. We know we can’t match the comforts of home, but we always strive to provide an environment that is orderly, non-threatening, and safe. You should feel confident that at St. Matthews, our boarding facility and staff are of the highest caliber and your pet will receive the very best care.

If you are a current client, request a boarding reservation by clicking HERE. If you are a new client, please give us a call at 502-895-8100.

Please wait for a call from us to confirm your reservation, thank you!

Boarding Prices (Prices effective 5/30/18)

Pets Weight** Kennel Size Cost per Day Daycare
0-15lbs X-Small 19.75+tax 15.75+ tax
15-25lbs Small 19.75+tax 15.75+tax
25-45lbs Medium 21.00+tax 17.00+tax
45-65 Large 21.00+tax 17.00+tax
66 & Up Run 23.00+tax 19.00+tax
Medical Board Any 38.00+tax

**Height is also taken in account when a cage size is selected.

Now offering TLC boarding! This is for any pet that can’t do stairs because of arthritis or recent orthopedic surgery, or they can’t receive vaccines because of age or ongoing health issues. This service is $28.00 + tax per day per pet.

Individual Play Time $12 + tax per session

Group Play Time $8 + tax per session

Arctic Scoop Ice Cream Treat- Peanut butter flavored ice cream & granola $2.75 + tax each

Peanut Butter Kong $2.75 + tax each

Extra Walks $3.50 + tax each additional walk

Go-home Bath

Under 40lbs $15 + tax

Over 40lbs $25 + tax

Over 100lbs $35 + tax

Boarding Requirements for Dogs and Cats


  • Rabies
  • DA2PP
  • Bordetella (within the past 6 months)
  • Canine Influenza
  • Intestinal Parasite Screen (negative within the past 6 months)
  • Flea Preventative


  • Rabies
  • Intestinal Parasite Screen (negative within the past 6 months)
  • Flea Preventative

Anything that isn’t up to date prior to a boarding reservation can be completed when dropped off with the exception of the Canine Influenza, both the initial injection & booster must be completed and be 2 weeks out from the second injection. If any fleas are noted on your pet while here they will be given a Nexgard (every 30 day flea & tick preventative) to avoid other pets from getting fleas as well.

Feel free to call and set up a time to check out our boarding facility 502-895-8100.