Like people, animal pain comes in two forms: acute pain, which may be the result of surgery or an injury, and chronic pain, which can be caused by cancer, arthritis, past injuries and other conditions.
Most acute pain and some chronic pain is treated with analgesics, just like with humans. Pain relief not only makes your animal feel better, but also contributes to faster healing and recovery.

At St. Matthews Animal Clinic, we believe in taking a very proactive approach and feel proper pain management is the right thing to do for our animal patients. We offer a variety of medications such as NSAID’s and steroids to help ease your pet’s pain.

We also can perform therapeutic laser treatments as another aspect of pain management and to promote healing and reduce swelling. For chronic pain, we have appropriate pain management medications for different conditions and different animals.

Of course, we understand that pain management medications must be prescribed carefully, especially when animals have other conditions that might limit their ability to tolerate those medications. You can rest assured our veterinarians will take every precaution when prescribing pain medications for your pet. We do recommend blood work every 6 months to a year for pet’s who are on medications long term to make sure nothing is effecting your pet in a negative way.

Feel free to check out our non-medicinal treatment for your pet’s pain: Therapeutic Laser.