At St. Matthews Animal Clinic, we have the very highest standard of care for our patients. That’s especially true when it comes to surgery; all of our veterinarians are qualified surgeons. Of course, our practice performs many common surgeries, such as spay and neuter procedures, simple removal of growths, and C-sections, when needed. We also have the expertise to do many other kinds of surgeries. All pets that have surgery are monitored closely—a check sheet ensures that an animal’s condition is checked every 2–5 minutes while they are recovering from anesthesia. We provide intravenous fluids for all pets to help with anesthesia and recovery. This process is the responsibility of our medical care team, which stays with our patients until they are awake and watches them closely for any signs of difficulties.

Surgical Process

Of course, we perform thorough pre-operative blood work and diagnostic screening. In addition, we are a leading-edge practice in terms of using a therapeutic laser to help with inflammation and recovery. This technology is especially useful with orthopedic surgery and for range-of-motion issues.

We practice advanced sterile techniques and technology. Surgeons are properly protected and each patient’s fur is shaved in the vicinity of the surgical site. The skin is then thoroughly cleaned with surgical scrubs. Because your pet’s safety is our priority, each patient is provided with an IV catheter for distributing fluids and medication. We also provide a blanket that has warm water circulating through it, underneath the patient, and a warm air flow post-op to keep the patients temperature normal throughout the surgical process.

Patients receive pre-anesthetic pain medication before surgery, and when the surgery is over, additional pain medication is administered to keep your pet relaxed and comfortable.