Would A Vegetarian Diet Be Fine For My Dog?

would a vegetarian diet be fine for my dogYour dog may be your best friend, or just one of your nice members of your family, and they may need extra care for their dietary needs with a plant-based dog food if they should seem to have signs or symptoms of food allergies, be overweight, have other health issues, or even if you would just prefer that they should be vegetarian.

Dogs have dietary needs compared with humans that are a little different because no vitamin D could be created by their skin so they would need to take it in with their meals instead, according to WebMD.

Ideas To Consider When Starting A Vegetarian Diet

Commercial vegetarian dog food would usually include this ingredient so that they would be able to have their vitamin D that they would need to retain calcium and aid the formation of bone in their bodies. Dogs are also able to transform some amino acids into different ones and can get all them without eating meat. Your dog may need to be introduced to this new dog food gradually because this is the best way to become accustomed to a new diet.

Be sure to include enough protein in your dog’s diet because some experts recommend that they would eat at least 25 g per 1,000 calories, which is the amount of energy a 40-pound dog that has been neutered or spayed would need each day. Your new food may include protein sources such as egg or soy, for example. Also, give them their other nutrients that would be important for their health that they would often obtain from meat-based dog food, however, would also be usually included in vegetarian dog food that is well-made for your pet. They would include phosphorus, B vitamins, calcium, and iron.

A veterinarian would be available to consult with you about your dog’s vegetarian diet, including checking into any dog food options that you may be considering and would make any recommendations to ensure that you would be giving them their optimal nutritional diet plan.

You may need to visit your veterinarian more frequently if you decide to give them plant-based dog food because you may need to have their blood checked for their nutrient levels and they may need wellness examinations to verify that their dietary plan would be working for them.

Additionally, your dog may need a type of food when they age to a new stage in their lifetime, and your veterinarian would be available to give you any recommendations based on their new nutritional needs.

Our staff would be available to help you get your best diet plan for your pet with our nutritional counseling option here at St. Matthews Animal Clinic in St. Louis.